Cameron Laird | 16 Nov 02:50 2005

Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Nov 16)

QOTW:  "You can tell everything is well in the world of dynamic languages
when someone posts a question with nuclear flame war potential like 'python
vs. ruby' and after a while people go off singing hymns about the beauty
of Scheme..." - vdrab

"ctypes completely rocks." - Grant Edwards

    Michael Lange endows Tkinter with a Tree widget:

    Fuzzyman has written a valuable commentary on urllib2.
    How do we collectively get a reference to this in the
    tutorial and/or library reference?

    What *is* good style for Pythonic symbolic constants?

    Diez Roggisch and others describe typical limits to the
    powers of GUI toolkits, and hint at ways to circumvent
    those limits:

    Edgewall Software arranges the tutorial on a tree some 
    readers find convenient:

    Ben Finney asks serious questions about code re-use:

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