Andy Robinson | 28 Feb 12:51 2006

UK Python Conference - 19-20 April 2006

The ACCU is once again hosting a UK Python Conference on the above dates 
at the Randolph Hotel in Oxford.  Sign up now.....

I am happy to announce that Guido van Rossum is once again a keynote 
speaker for the entire ACCU conference.   Following his keynote we have 
a single, 2-day Python track on Wednesday and Thursday including...

	Steve Holden: The Best of PyCon
	Michael Hudson: Error Handling with Recovery
	Phil Thompson: PyQT 4
	Michael Hudson: PyPy - a progress report
	Simon Willison: Django
	Remi Delon:  CherryPy and TurboGears
	Chris Withers: Templating systems
	Andy Robinson: Metadata and models in Python
	Andrew Thompson: Financial Programming in Python

...and of course lightning talks and BOFS will be welcome....

Friday 21st will feature a Dynamic Languages track with in-depth talks 
on Javascript, Ruby and Groovy, which I am sure will be of great 
interest to Python developers; and of course the dinner.

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