Michael Hudson | 21 Jul 13:24 2006

Ireland PyPy sprint 21th-27th August 2006

The next PyPy sprint will happen in the nice city of 
Limerick in Ireland from 21st till 27th August.  
(Most people intend to arrive 20th August). 

The main focus of the sprint will be on JIT compiler works, 
various optimization works, porting extension modules, 
infrastructure works like a build tool for PyPy, or 
extended (distributed) testing. 

It's also open to new topics.  If you are a student
consider to participate in `Summer of PyPy`_ in order 
get funding for your travels and accomodation. 

The sprint is being hosted by University of Limerick
(http://www.ul.ie/) - and is arranged in co-operation
with people from our sister project Calibre (www.calibre.ie).
Our contact at the University is Pär Ågerfalk and Eoin

.. _`Summer of PyPy`: http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/summer-of-pypy

First day: introduction and workshop (possible to attend only this day)

During the first day (21st of August) there will be talks on various subjects
related to PyPy:

* A tutorial and technical introduction to the PyPy codebase  
  (suited for people interested in getting an overview of PyPy´s architecture
  and/or contributing to PyPy)
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