andre.roberge | 22 Jul 02:20 2006

Ann: Crunchy Frog 0.6

Crunchy Frog (version 0.6) has been released.

Crunchy Frog is an application that transforms an html-based Python
tutorial into an interactive session within a browser window.  The
interactive embedded objects include:
* a Python interpreter;
* a simple code editor, whose input can be executed by Python;
* a special "doctest" mode for the code editor;
* a graphics canvas which can be drawn upon using a simple api.
* simple sounds can be generated and played with all of the above.

A comprehensive set of examples are included in the package, as well
as two "standard Python tutorials" (mini-sorting HowTo, and regular
expression HowTo) which have been adapted for use with Crunchy Frog.

Python 2.4+ (it might work, but has not been tested with earlier
Elementtree; (a link is provided in the included docs)
Firefox 1.5+

The website address is
The files can be downloaded from

André and Johannes



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