vasudevram | 8 Aug 18:16 2006

ANN: xtopdf: PDF creation / conversion toolkit: alpha release of v1.3

Hi group,

xtopdf: PDF creation / conversion toolkit: alpha release of v1.3

This is actually a somewhat preliminary announcement, but may be of
interest to developers / users  who know Python and/or have earlier
checked out my xtopdf PDF creation / conversion toolkit:

I've released (via my web site, not yet properly packaged/documented
and put on the SourceForge site, that will be done in some days), the
next version of xtopdf: v1.3. This version adds support for conversion
of CSV, TDV (Tab Delimited Values) and XLS (limited support) to PDF.
v1.3 also adds some GUI tools written using wxPython (v1.0 had only
command-line tools and a library for developers).

Users/developers will need to install wxPython and properly configure
it to work with their Python installation before they can use these GUI
tools. This is fairly straightforward on Windows using the .MSI or .EXE
(can't remember which it is right now) installer for wxPython, but on
Linux, you'll need to know how to handle the tools that are used to
build packages from source code, i.e. make, configure, etc. Also,
wxPython is a medium-sized package - it took around an hour or two to
fully build on my reasonably fast PC. So be patient (get yourself a
coffee or two, or do something else in another Linux console / window
while wxPython builds :-)

Those who know even basic Python should be able to install and run both
xtopdf v1.0 and the new stuff in v1.3, at least for the command-line
tools (the programs are quite simple).

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