Barry Warsaw | 13 Sep 16:00 2006

RELEASED: Mailman 2.1.9

On behalf of the GNU Mailman development team, I'm please to announce  
Mailman 2.1.9.  This is primarily a security and bug fix release and  
it is highly recommended that all sites upgrade to this version.   
Mailman 2.1.9 also contains support for two new languages: Arabic and  

Mailman is free software, written primarily in Python, for managing  
email mailing lists and e-newsletters.  It is licensed under the  
GPL.  Mailman is used for all the and  
mailing lists, as well as at hundreds of other sites.

For more information, including download links, please see:

A more detailed change list is included below.


2.1.9 (12-Sep-2006)


      - A malicious user could visit a specially crafted URI and  
inject an
        apparent log message into Mailman's error log which might   
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