Uche Ogbuji | 16 Sep 05:59 2006

ANN: Amara XML Toolkit 1.1.9


Changes since Amara 1.1.7:

* Add support for EasyInstall; other packaging & installer improvements
  - Note: allinone package eliminated
* Add trimxml command line utility (for running reports on XML files)
* Switch to Docbook for documentation source
* Bindery: Add support for dict-like accessors
* Tenorsax: Restore support for PySax
* Scimitar: Implement abstract rules
* Scimitar: Update Schematron namespace to ISO
* Scimitar: Implement phases
* Scimitar: Support Schematron queryBinding attribute: XPath, XSLT, EXSLT
* Add binderytools.fixup_namespaces function
* Add binderytools.quick_xml_scan function
* Fix APIs for adding comments and PIs
* Fix domtools.abs_path to be more namespace aware
* Bug fixes

Amara XML Toolkit is a collection of Python tools for XML processing--
not just tools that happen to be written in Python, but tools built from
the ground up to use Python's conventions and take advantage of the many
advantages of teh language.

Amara builds on 4Suite [http://4Suite.org], but whereas 4Suite offers
more on literal implementation of XML standards in Python, Amara
focuses on Pythonic idiom.  It provides tools you can trust to conform
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