SPE - Stani's Python Editor | 30 Oct 11:59 2006

ANN: SPE 0.8.3.c Python IDE editor

This is a maintenance release (mostly bug fixing) to prove that SPE is
alive and well! In case you are using wxPython2.7 you'll need to
upgrade to this release. Submitted patches will be reviewed and
included if approved for next release. Thanks for all your patient
support and continuing donations.

The SPE 0.8.2.a release got downloaded 110550 times on berlios and
sourceforge together. Not bad. This means SPE has not seen an update
for a while or is getting very popular. Maybe both ;-)

Installers are available for python 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 for Windows and as
a rpm including wxPython. Other operating systems can choose the
no-setup.zip or targ.gz archives. A .deb archive is being prepared for
Debian Linux systems such as Ubuntu.

wxGlade is unfortunately not compatible with wxPython2.7. So if you
want to use, you'll need wxPython2.6.


- output is now done with a fixed font
- uml.py is now again a stand alone demo
- upgraded and fixed wxGlade
- fixed for wxPython2.7 (and still backwards compatible with
- updated NotebookCtrl


- Andrea Gavana (NoteBookCtrl)
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