Carl Friedrich Bolz | 17 Feb 20:12 2007

PyPy 0.99 released

pypy-0.99.0: new object spaces, optimizations, configuration ...

Welcome to the PyPy 0.99.0 release - a major snapshot
and milestone of the last 8 months of work and contributions
since PyPy-0.9.0 came out in June 2006!

Main entry point for getting-started/download and documentation:

Further below you'll find some notes about PyPy,
the 0.99.0 highlights and our aims for PyPy 1.0.

have fun,

     the PyPy team,
     Samuele Pedroni, Carl Friedrich Bolz, Armin Rigo, Michael Hudson,
     Maciej Fijalkowski, Anders Chrigstroem, Holger Krekel,
     Guido Wesdorp

     and many others:

What is PyPy?

Technically, PyPy is both a Python Interpreter implementation
and an advanced Compiler, actually a framework for implementing
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