Christian Wyglendowski | 22 Feb 17:29 2007

ANN: CherryPy 3.0.1 Released


We just released CherryPy 3.0.1.  It is mainly a bug-fix release but
there are also some performance tweaks and other changes as well.
Here are some highlights:

 * More docstrings.  help() is more helpful than ever.
 * The WSGI server has been moved into its own package to allow for
easier use outside of CherryPy.
 * Session locking can now be "implicit" (before_handler), "early"
(before_request_body), or "explicit" (none).
 * Moved checker back to cherrypy.checker from engine, and also added
a new check_config_types method. There's also a new checker config
namespace, so you can turn off the checker with "checker.on = False",
or turn off specific methods with "checker.check_method_foo = None".

Get the 3.0.1 release at:

Christian Wyglendowski
CherryPy Team


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