Francesc Altet | 9 Mar 20:35 2007

ANN: Pytables 2.0 beta1 (hierarchical datasets) released

 Announcing PyTables 2.0b1

The PyTables development team is very happy to announce the public
availability of the first *beta* version of PyTables 2.0.  Starting with
this release, both the API and the file format have entered in the stage
of freezing (i.e. nothing will be modified unless something is clearly
*wrong*), so people can use it in order to begin with the migration of
their existing PyTables 1.x scripts as well as start enjoying the new
exciting features in this major version ;)

You can download a source package of the version 2.0b1 with
generated PDF and HTML docs from

[Starting with the beta phase, and in order to make the life easier for
Windows beta-testers, we are delivering binary versions for Win32.]

You can also get the latest sources from the Subversion repository at

If you are afraid of Subversion (you shouldn't), you can always download
the latest, daily updated, packed sources from

Please have in mind that some sections in the manual can be obsolete
(specially the "Optimization tips" chapter).  The tutorials chapter is
in the process of being updated as well.  The reference chapter should
be fairly up-to-date though.
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