Peter Cock | 24 Apr 13:24 2012

[Biopython] OBF GSoC students weekly progress reports

Hello all,

First, to echo Rob, congratulations to our selected students:

Weekly Progress Reports:

To encourage community bonding and awareness of what the
GSoC 2012 students are doing, this year the OBF is being much
clearer about our progress report expectations.

We would like every student to setup a blog for the GSoC project
(or a category/tag on your existing blog) which you will use to
summarize your progress every week, as well as longer posts
at the half way evaluation, and at the end of the summer.

In addition, after publishing each blog post, we expect you to
email the URL and the text of the blog (or if important images
or formatting would be lost, at least a short summary) to the
host project's mailing list(s) (check with your mentors if the
project has more than one) AND the gsoc <at>
mailing list.

You will be writing under your own name, but with a clear
association with your mentors, the OBF and its projects, so
please take this seriously and be professional. Remember
this will become part of your online presence, and potentially
looked at by future employers and colleagues.

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