Peter Cock | 24 Apr 14:46 2012

[Biopython] Biopython GSoC 2012

Dear all,

As you will have read in Rob's email [1], of the five Google Summer of
Code (GSoC) students accepted by the OBF this year, two are going to
be working on Biopython projects (in alphabetical order):

Wibowo Arindrarto
    SearchIO Implementation in Biopython
    mentored by Peter Cock

Lenna Peterson
    Diff My DNA: Development of a Genomic Variant Toolkit for Biopython
    mentored by Brad Chapman with Reece Hart and James Casbon

Congratulations to you both, and the other accepted students.

Sadly we had excellent proposals from other students worthy of being
chosen, but not enough mentors to go round. If you are still eligible
next year, we hope you will apply again. We are also hoping you will
continue to stay involved and contribute to the Biopython community.

Thank you all for your hard work, students and mentors. We're looking
forward to another productive summer of code!

Peter, on behalf of the mentors and Biopython.

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