Ram Rachum | 2 Nov 15:51 2011


Hey guys,

Just a little idea I wanted to share.

A few days ago I was looking at this GitHub repo: https://github.com/braintree/braintree_python

And noticed that in their readme, they use the `print` keyword without parentheses, like this:

    print "Error processing transaction:"
    print "  code: " + result.transaction.processor_response_code
    print "  text: " + result.transaction.processor_response_text

As you know, it's always better to have parentheses around the quotes since that works on both Python 2 and 3. Not using the parentheses just serves to further delay the process of getting all Python programmers to adapt to Python 3, and therefore delays the adoption of Python 3.

So I thought, I could clone the repo, fix the parentheses, and send them a pull request. And then comes my idea: We can write a script that goes over all public GitHub repos, and does this process automatically, and sends a pull request. We can possibly do this for a few more best practices except the print function.

We could let a human quickly review each case to avoid bugs that would needlessly annoy people on GitHub.

I think this has the potential of making a big contribution to Python 3 adoption.

Myself, I don't have time to work on a project like that now, but I wanted to share the idea. If someone would work on that, that would be awesome.

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