Rikard Bosnjakovic | 1 Jun 07:54 2007

Re: Buried In Game Ideas

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<kschnee@...> wrote:

> Quick question before this battery runs out: what would you want to be
> able to do in a village in this primitive island world, if the village is
> abstracted as a menu but the individual random tribesmen have names and
> hopefully some kind of individual personality? What mechanics?

This puts my mind back to Sid Meier's Pirates!, where you would get a
menu in each town you enter. I haven't follow your game idea to its
fullest extent, but possible actions for the above would be trade,
recruit people, bribe the tribe (no pun intended), etc.

Another possibility would be quests (in case your game is experience
based) as in some random tribesmen asking you for help, like finding
their missing cat or whatever.


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