Eric.Frank | 30 Apr 20:33 2008

Re: Subject: PubMed & PMCID numbers

Emily sent me the import filter, connection file and NIH output style
she developed to do this, as well as directions for relabeling the
custom fields where these data are kept.  Although she developed all
this for a PC, I found that everything worked fine on a Mac (10.4)
running EN X1.  Now we need to convince more journals to post our
articles directly to PubMed Central, rather than requiring us to deal
with the copyright issues and submit them ourselves!

Thanks, Emily!

Eric Frank
Tufts University School of Medicine
Boston, MA 02111

>Dear Barb,
>RE:  Subject: PubMed & PMCID numbers
>The new Endnote Pubmed filter imports PMID, PMCID, and NIHMSID all into

>the Accession number field. However because of the record structure, 
>PMID claims the accession number field and leaves out the PMCID and 
>NIHMSID.  You must modify the import filter to either ignore the PMID, 
>import the PMID into another field, or import PMCID and NIHMSID into 
>different fields.
>Here at UW-Madison,  we will soon publicizie a recommendation to 
>relabel custom fields 6 and 7 into PMCID and NIHMSID respectively for 
>the Journal Article field type. We will offer a modified PubMed filter 
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