Gilles Espinasse | 4 Jun 10:21 2008

Re: Failed to compile IPCop SVN source on CentOS5

Selon Louis Luo <lluo_2wire@...>:

> Hi Guys,
> Thanks for your help. Eventually I built the source and installed it on a PC.
> Everything looks fine except for OpenVPN configuration. When I tried to
> generate the root/host certificate, I got the error message: OpenSSL produced
> an error: 256. I checked the error_log file under /var/log/httpd and saw the
> following lines:
> Can anyone take a look and see what's wrong here? I am not farmiliar with
> either Perl or web development, so has no clue at all. Is Zerina fully
> integrated into IPCop now?
Zerina has been integrated.
There is actually some code changes pending and code base is not yet stable.
Many work as to be done, like stated on the boot message, it's in pre-alpha

We warn you that 1.9.2 is not yet ready for users.
The only promise is that it should install.
I had suggested you to report the pid/vid of the controller / network card you
want to be supported so something may be done on 1.4 branch.


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