Tom Eastep | 1 Oct 23:45 2010

Re: Transparent proxy to remote system

On 10/1/10 1:45 PM, Brent McConnell wrote:
> I would like to proxy all http requests from my internal network to an
> external proxy server that is outside my network.  Unfortunately, I'm
> having a bit of trouble figuring out the rule for doing that.  If I run
> the proxy on my firewall machine the following rules seem to work
> ACCEPT          $FW             net             tcp     www
> REDIRECT       loc             3128            tcp     www     -      
> but I have not been able to get the rule right to redirect to an
> external system.  Is this doable?

No different than when the proxy is running in a DMZ -- (you need to
change the zone name and address, of course).


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