Christian Boos | 1 Jun 09:57 2007

[Trac] Re: Changeset viewer gets slower

Leandro Conde wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been searching around a bit but didn't hear a mention of this
> problem I'm having ...
> The thing is, from some time now I've been experiencing slow responses
> when I click on a link to view a changeset. The delay is some minutes
> ... maybe around 2 minutes, but maybe more ... I didn't measured it
> ...
> I do not know how to better diagnose the problem ...

Does this "from some time now" corresponds to the switch to 0.10.4?
If so, then one possible reason would be the following change in 

Try to undo this change (download as diff, apply the patch with -R), and 
check if the speed goes back to normal.

-- Christian

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