Chris Carr | 2 Apr 10:48 2012

Re: [Trac] Interpretation of ticket severity

On 02/04/2012, Cooke, Mark <mark.cooke@...> wrote:
> Personally, I think of `Severity` as (2) ~ the impact on a user of that
> functionality.
> We use Priority as a comparative measure between all issues (e.g. in scrum
> this identifies the next most important tasks).  The two are not necessarily
> directly related, a high Severity issue that is rarely used my be postponed
> in favour of a lower Severity issue that impacts lots of users and/or lots
> of the time...

We use Priority for the impact on the user, and Severity as the effort
required to fix/implement.

Our local prioritisation uses a combination of the two: if we are
nearing a release, we will want to close as many low-severity tickets
as possible. If we have recently released, we will want to work on the
big tickets (both high Priority and high Severity).



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