pub crawler | 2 Apr 04:58 2009

Cherokee 0.98 latest trunk - HTTP Method Post - fails.

Here's the situation:

Using reverse proxy for HTTP posts as well. Created another Behavior
Target to handle form posts from website.
Rule Type: HTTP Method
Method: Post
Handler > Allow Keepalive enabled
Back-end Servers > Balancer > Round Robin
Information Sources > www1

When a form is submitted, the user gets literally a blank page back.
The page is totally empty. Nothing there, not HTML, no error, nothing.

In the meantime the submission actually went through just fine and we
have the submission in the database.

If you submit a form and get the empty screen then immediately reload
that blank page (F5) key in browser. The submission goes through and
you get the proper expected output screen. If you were to do this and
not immediately reload the blank page (more than 2 seconds) you get
another blank screen over and over each time unless you submit then
reload in under 2 seconds or less.

So that's bug #1 :) Here's the second one.

Now, I tried accomplishing this post handler by using the Generic Load
Balancer instead. That upon submit returns the HTML code of the post
submission page on every submit. For some reason the page doesn't
render in the browser but shows the code instead. Something
non-compliant with the Generic Load Balancer. I thought this worked
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