mikie mike | 1 Mar 12:07 2010

some pages doesn't open in transparent mode


I have this quite weird problem with Squid working with Cisco 6509
Core Switch as WCCP transparent proxy.
Some pages doesn't open on clients (or it takes ages to open).

There is a Polish web portal which many people visit - www.onet.pl -
this is the one of very few which suffers.
When I open the page in FF it says: "Waiting for csr.onet.pl…"
I can not see any record in access.log regarding csr.onet.pl then (why?).
If I type "csr.onet.pl" into FF there is no record in access.log either (why??).

When I do "w3m www.onet.pl" on the client it opens OK.
Also "w3m csr.onet.pl" generates record in access.log:
1267439340.585     71 TCP_MISS/404 629 GET
http://csr.onet.pl/ - DIRECT/ text/html

The most weird thing is that some clients open the page, some not:
Safari on Mac OS X works OK
FF on Mac OS X works OK
Opera doesn't work on Linux nor Mac OS X

Everything works great on every browser when I use explicit proxy
(manually config proxy in browser).

What I have is:
Debian 5 Lenny (current updates)
Squid Cache: Version 2.7.STABLE3
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