awesome | 2 Mar 22:20 2011

[awesome bugs] #591 - Rewrite using widget layout


The following task has a new comment added:

FS#591 - Rewrite using widget layout
User who did this - dodo (dodo)

i don't know if this is still needed, but i wrote a rewrite of

if you like i can generate a patch for you.

there are currently some dirty hacks in it:
- i doesn't found a possibility to get the full size of all widgets in a layout or the position of a widget in a layout
  so i 'hard-coded' it →
- i added code to the wibox.widget.background widget to set the foreground color (not really dirty i guess :p)
- xpm images causing errors → disabled:

new features:
- cleaner code (i suppose)
- better theme inheritance for menus
- menu entries are theme-able
- user can build his own menu entry constructor (so different menu entries are possible)
- only one wibox per menu will be used
- menu entry cmd function gets the menu and menu entry as arguments (so changing the menu or menu entry by
clicking it is possible)
- menu entries are deletable (even by user)
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