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[awesome bugs] #873 - get widgets geometry from layout


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FS#873 - get widgets geometry from layout
User who did this - Uli Schlachter (psychon)

1) This does sound like a useful idea, except that we can't necessarily know the prefered size of a widget.
E.g. a imagebox which is allowed to resize its image only has a prefered aspect ratio, but not necessary a
preferred size. This could cause the computed value to be meaningless.

Why do you need this at all? Currently, the menu width / height is specified in the theme ("menu_width" and
"menu_height"). This might not be ideal, but it worked so far.

2) Why do you need a widget's geometry? This is not necessarily well-defined, because I could add the same
widget multiple times into a "layout tree" (e.g. why create multiple "spacer" widgets when you can just
use the same multiple times?)
If the wibox was already drawn, it might make sense to do something similar to wibox.find_widgets() to get
this. That way, no extra complexity is required for this in the layouts.

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