Eric Kluitenberg | 5 Dec 17:36 2010

Re: re-reading the digital city / From the text vaults - interview with Howard Rheingold, December 1994.

dear nettimers, Armin,

Seeing the exploration of mid-1990s network culture and the revisiting of the "Digital City / Cities" meme
just posted by Armin stirred me to dig up an interview, conducted via e-mail with Howard Rheingold at the
time (late 1994) for a theme issue of SCAN Magazine in Groningen on 'Community Networking'. The issue also
contained interviews with Marleen Stikker then the unofficial 'mayor' of the Digital City Amsterdam
(unfortunately only available in Dutch), and Amy Bruckman of MIT Media Moo.

As none of this is on-line and more as a historical curiosity, below the interview, which prompted a
physical meeting of Rheingold with activists involved in the Digital City Amsterdam a couple of months later.

Hope this is still of interest to some net.historians / .genealogists / .archaeologists.



Howard Rheingold - Networking the Community

(e- interviewed by Eric Kluitenberg for Scan Magazine '93 - "Community Networking") 

In 1993 Howard Rheingold wrote a remarkable book called The Virtual Community. In this book he gives what
might best be called a personal account of the expanding culture of people communicating via computer
networks. I asked him some questions about the relationship between virtual and traditional
communities, most appropriately: via e-mail.

Howard Rheingold has been publishing books and articles on computer culture for many years. He is the
multimedia columnist for Publish magazine and editor of Whole Earth Review. He has also been a consultant
to the US office of Technology Assessment, and recently he took charge of Planet Wired a network project
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