Vincent van Ravesteijn | 1 May 13:29 2011

Re: Development for LyX 2.1

> I'm also glad that my only objection with the above list is 
> c) develop new features in branches. I don't think it's necessary
> for most features, only for largish ones that are likely to take
> time and break the normal bug-free level in the main dev branch.

I understand that it sounds a bit over-the-top to create a new
feature for each commit you make. However let me point you to
the following observations I made:
- even the simplest commits, might have follow-ups, style
  corrections, correction of unwanted committed files,
  and so forth.

- it is good to have some safeguard for each commit. One might
  always forget some files, commit unwanted files, or make a
  stupid thinko. My problem is that each error in committing
  to svn leads to a cripple history.

- even if it might be unnecessary, it is hardly any extra
  effort. If the commit seems to be fine, all what is needed
  *  git merge feature
  *  git branch -d feature
> One thing I would add to the list is
> j) keep development alive during alpha-beta-rc stage for new
>    features that are not intended for this release but the next

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