christian.ridderstrom | 1 Mar 04:12 2007

Re: Commented and modified version of pdfview.nsi

> * This thing with macros still confuse me.... Must HideConsole be a macro?

Another thing that confuses me is the quotations... it get's extra juicy 
when used with a macro as in this case:

!macro HideConsole COMMAND_LINE
   # <snip>

Function bla
   !insertmacro HideConsole '"$EXEDIR\pdfclose.exe" --file "$PDFFile"'

The invocation of the macro uses single quotes and double quotes.
Then inside the macro definition there are backquotes.

What happens if $EXEDIR contains e.g. single, double or back quotes?

To put it mildly, I have no idea whatsoever if the code above is valid.


PS. Btw, if that macro/function combination could be rewritten as one 
function, would it affect the quoting?  Is this what you'd get?

Function bla
   Push '"$EXEDIR\pdfclose.exe" --file "$PDFFile"'
   CallInstDLL "$EXEDIR\Console.dll" Exec
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