Nadezhda Sidorova | 3 Jul 11:23 2008

Re: [Serna] Serna 4.0b comment 1


> That's no problem. I've observed one crash in version 4.0b. I had two 
> documents opened and I was editing one of them all the time. After a 
> few hours I wanted to save the document and exit the application, but 
> at the moment of saving the crash happened. I sent a crash report but 
> it probably went to Microsoft. Is there any way I could obtain such 
> crash and send it to you, and is it a useful source of information for 
> you?

This information is useful for us but we need some more details about 
the issue.
Please, describe the problem step by step:
 - which templates do you use?
 - do you create or open document?
 - which commands do you use while editing the document?

Please give us as much information as possible.

Thank you.
Nadia Sidorova.

> Nadezhda Sidorova wrote:
>> Hello,
>>> Thank you for your help. That almost works fine, besides that the 
>>> "Insert Element" and "Attributes of <>" windows each are being saved 
>>> with the default size. When I resize the docking panel and save 
>>> again, and then reopen the document, the docking panel restores with 
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