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BelajarEnglish - Posting Guidelines



Please kindly read the following guidelines and adhere to them strictly:

  • Emails must be related to learning English language. Other emails - chain emails, business opportunities, etc are not welcome here. Please look for other groups more suitable for that purposes.

  • Emails must be in English. We come from different countries - Malaysia, Mexico, China, Turkey, USA, etc - all with different languages. Our only main purpose here is to learn (and teach) English.

  • Please be very careful when expressing your opinions. What you find acceptable might hurt the feelings of other people who have different cultural backgrounds. Be extra cautious with generalizations and references to race, religion and gender.

  • Personal attacks are not permitted. If you have something to say that is relevant only to the person, please send your message to him/her only.


  • When replying to a message, please don't quote the whole of the original (unless it is extremely important). Delete everything that is not relevant to your reply.

  • Very short emails (e.g.. only one line) are not encouraged. Although short messages are perfectly OK, they should always be meaningful.

  • Do not send your unsubscribe request to the list. Nobody is interested in a message that only says "Unsubscribe me". You can unsubscribe automatically by sending an email to BelajarEnglish-nomail <at> or BelajarEnglish-unsubscribe <at> When you join a mailing list, you have certain responsibilities as well as rights - unsubscribing yourself is one such responsibility.

  • If you have any comment or point to add to this message, please send it to belajarenglish-owner <at>

Thank you.
Ibrahim Abdullah.



How to delete part of an email.

  • Whenever you press "REPLY", previous email would be displayed in the BODY PANEL. You can turn this feature off, depending on the program (software) you are using. Body panel is where you write your message is.

  • To delete the old message, you can simply press "DELETE" until the message is deleted. To delete the whole message, press "CTRL-A", i.e.. press key "CTRL" and key "A" together. You can see that the whole message is now selected. Press "DELETE".

  • You can also select which part of email to delete. Use your mouse. Put the cursor at the beginning of the part to be deleted, press your mouse key (left side). Do not let it go. Pull the cursor to the end of the part to be deleted and let go of the mouse. The required part to be deleted is now selected. Press "DELETE"


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