Sophie Covey-Crump | 16 Jun 16:25 2005

Final review agenda & preparation

Dear colleagues


Thank you for all your help in getting the draft deliverables together. I have sent them to the reviewers, and they are all up on in ‘documentation’, under the heading 'docs for reviewers 2005'. If you decide to do any further work on any of them before the review meeting, please take those as the latest versions, as we have made minor edits (not affecting any of the content) on most of them.

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I attach a revised review agenda with more specific notes about what we would like you to prepare for the meeting. THIS SUPERCEDES ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS (so questions regarding previous versions may no longer be relevant).


We also need your feedback regarding project evaluation (as per my email of 31 May, and copied here again, within the agenda document) by 23 JUNE.


Any questions, do ask…







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