Michael Olson | 25 Aug 06:08 2007

Emacs Muse 3.11 released

I am pleased to announce the release of Emacs Muse 3.11.

Tarball  :: http://download.gna.org/muse-el/muse-3.11.tar.gz

Zip file :: http://download.gna.org/muse-el/muse-3.11.zip

Here is the short list of changes.  The more-detailed NEWS entries are

 - Fixed many Emacs21 and XEmacs compatibility bugs.

 - Fixed bug with setting muse-file-extension to some other string
   than "muse".  This case should now be handled perfectly, without
   the need to resort to setting muse-auto-mode-p to non-nil.

 - Add support for Blosxom, thanks to Michael Welle.

 - Include the hard-to-find metadate plugin for PyBlosxom.

 - Fix font-locking bug involving emphasized lines that changed when
   moving around in the buffer.

Emacs Muse NEWS --- History of user-visible changes    -*- outline -*-

* Changes in Muse 3.11

** Update my example settings in examples/mwolson.

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