Sarir Khamsi | 16 Feb 18:55 2012

Re: emacs init script under windows

icegood <icegood1980 <at>> writes:

> All i want is to run that script. 
> Hot to assure that it run? I mean, printing smth. like "Hello, world" into
> emacs output (if any).
> In 3.5 from 
> there  
> found that my init folder is C:\Users\ice\AppData\Roaming\. At least also
> emacs writes smth into auto-save-list subfolder.
> Created next files there:
> .emacs
> _emacs
> init.el
> None of them seems to run.

I'm not sure I completely understand your question. Are you trying to
get Emacs to read your startup file, like .emacs? If so, have you set
your HOME environment variable to point to it's location?



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