Colin Perkins | 1 May 17:48 2006

Fwd: IETF Meeting Survey

Folks - please complete the survey below, to help the planning  
process for future IETF meetings.


Begin forwarded message:
> From: Ray Pelletier <rpelletier <at>>
> Date: 1 May 2006 16:24:42 BDT
> To: wgchairs <at>
> Subject: IETF Meeting Survey
> All;
> It has been suggested that if I really wanted to get feedback on  
> the Meeting Survey (and I do)  I should have it forwarded by the WG  
> Chairs to the working groups - so this is a request that you ask  
> members of the working groups to complete a short survey that  
> focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on their meeting experience  
> in Dallas.
> I truly want the info to make the changes members of the community  
> want, if possible and greatly appreciate your assistance in this  
> regard.
> Those interested in taking the survey can find it at:
> Thanks
> Ray Pelletier
> IETF Admininstrative Director

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