Carl-Daniel Hailfinger | 2 Jan 03:49 2009

3 days left for CFP Chemnitzer Linux Tage


the Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2009 Call for Lectures and Call for
Presentations deadline is this Sunday, January 5th.

Name: Chemnitzer Linux-Tage
Date: March 14, 2009
Location: Chemnitz, Germany
Colocated with: Workshop on Innovative Operating System Concepts (WIOSC)

Call for presentations: (de) (en)

Call for Lectures: (de) (en)

Coreboot has been explicitly asked to present there and I'd like to make
sure this happens.

Unfortunately my internet access is and will be spotty in the next few
days, so it is rather unlikely I can submit a
presentation/lecture/workshop before the deadline.

Besides the usual coreboot talk, installing coreboot on a Asus M2A-VM
could be a nice workshop with readily available and cheap hardware. (The
top hat flash trick should work on that board.)

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