Lino Sanfilippo | 2 Nov 12:31 2010

PATCH 1/3 implement memory mapped writing

The following patches apply against dazukofs-3.1.4-rc2.

1. Implement mmaped writing for dazukofs:

In writepage() we look for the corresponding lower page and create it if it
does not exist.
Then we copy the content of the upper page to the lower page and mark it 
This causes marked pages to be written to disk as soon as the pages are 
synced (i.e
due to an msync() or sync()).

Note that this patch also removes some of the functions that do also cause
writepage() to be called, like generic_file_aio_[read|write] and 
splice_read() since
mmap has not been tested in conjunction with these functions - also 
should not be called any more now.

With this the only address space operations that we should need are 
and writepage().

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