Julien Cristau | 20 Mar 21:49 2013

Release update: the hundred bug charge

Hi all,

the wheezy release is getting ever closer, so it's time to look at its

Bug count
At the time of writing, there are 100 bugs that need to be fixed in
Wheezy [BUGS:RCLIST]. This needs to be reduced further, and so we're
entering the final stage of the freeze. For what this means, read on!

Freeze policy update
As in our previous mail [DDA:BITS], we are updating the freeze policy
[RM:POLICY]. We're now going to accept only:
* fixes for release critical bugs (i.e., bugs of severity critical,
  grave and serious) in all packages;

This means we will /no longer/ be accepting:
* fixes for severity: important bugs in packages of priority: optional
  or extra, only when this can be done via unstable;
* translation updates and documentation fixes that are included with
  fixes for the above criteria.

Please note that this means we are only interested in the absolute
minimum patches that fix RC bugs. Spurious changes will simply lead to
longer review times for everyone, disappointment and ultimately a longer

It helps us if you justify your request sufficiently to save time going
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