Re: Proposed name change for DWN

On 05/02/2007 07:25 AM, Loïc Minier wrote:
> On Wed, May 02, 2007, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
>>> I notice that Debian Weekly News is still called Debian Weekly News,
>>> even though it is not published weekly.  Perhaps we should consider
>>> changing the name to something like the Debian Newsletter?
>> Or find more volunteers to contribute to it, so it can be send out on a
>> weekly basis again?
>  Which obviously didn't happen in the last 6 months?  Plus, whatever the
>  amount of contributions, DWN doesn't seem to go out when it reached n
>  items, but simply at random, so why call it "weekly" indeed?

	Is not that simple. It need to hit "n" items on a pre-defined
date to allow peer-review and preparation.

	Joey keeps a very high standard for DWN and it requires some
time to learn how to work on it. Also, for years we had almost only
one DWN editor, the process to split the load and share the tasks
took some time and there are some definitions that were not clear
and, IMHO, we helped to improve that (but better listen from Joey).

	Learn the timelines, quality control, how to contribute, what
to contribute, the ideal DWN, number of paragraphs, size of it and
so on, takes more then two weeks. I got really sad when after a lot
of contributions Joey disappeared for a while without notice. That
makes me stop contributing for a while, yesterday when I saw a new
DWN, I start collecting items that I missed and I'm preparing them
again to submit. Hopefully, I think we can start having DWN weekly
again, so let's try. :-)
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Anthony Towns | 2 May 17:36 2007

Re: Proposed name change for DWN

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 11:56:02AM -0300, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> Hopefully, I think we can start having DWN weekly
> again, so let's try. :-)

The DWN contribution howto is at:

The most relevant points are probably:

    Right after an issue of DWN is released, Joey will start with an
    empty new issue. The issue is online at Joey's private website which
    is available using anonymous CVS as well. Check it out using  

	cvs -d :pserver:anonymous <at> \
          co -d dwn public_html/src/Writing/DWN
        (empty password for cvs login)


    Anybody, who would like to add an item to DWN or who has an issue
    that should be mentioned in the next DWN, should contact us* at any
    time with enough information.

     * mailto:dwn <at>


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