Clément Hertling (Wxcafé | 12 Jul 05:07 2013

fglrx driver and dkms with unsupported kernel

I've been getting a new mouse recently, and it uses a hid driver that is only
available in linux 3.10.x. Obviously, this kernel is not supported under debian
as of now, but i thought that, as i was using the debian config file for 3.9.8,
it would be okay because i'd have all the correct drivers. 

Like too often, the problem comes from proprietary drivers. I have to use fglrx,
because i often do 3d work. The problem is, the fglrx module for dkms doesn't
compile with 3.10.x, and therefore i can't have DRI (which depends on this
module) which i need for my 3d work.

So, my question is : is there a way i can get this module to build as it is? Or,
if it's not possible, where can i find upstream package to build with a newer
version of fglrx (rolling back to debian packages whenever debian catches back)?

Thanks for your help.



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