niyaschirayakuth | 29 May 09:56 2012

Bluetooth adapter not found

I have a strange problem with my built-in bluetooth adapter. It was visible  
when I installed trisquel first time. Then disappeared after reboot. And  
bluetooth manager shows bluetooth adapter not found. It was working properly  
in ubuntu.

Can anyone help me?

I'm using trisquel 5.0 on hp probook 4230s

zengyichao | 17 Sep 05:40 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

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tianjiuwan001 | 20 Oct 08:22 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

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rooneyandy72 | 6 Nov 09:25 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

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chris | 29 May 10:03 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

I'd point you to our documentation although I'm not sure it would help. Try  
adding/removing the bluetooth dongle. Use the +/- arrows from preferences.  
Bluetooth in general can be a tricky beast.

niyaschirayakuth | 29 May 14:49 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

First note that I'm using trisquel 5.0 .There is no +/- arrows. Then it is  
problem with detecting bluetooth adapter itself not with any particular  
Here is my adapter information taken using lsusb command
Bus 002 Device 005: ID 03f0:311d Hewlett-Packard Atheros AR9285 Malbec  
Bluetooth Adapter

chris | 30 May 07:48 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

The chipset is actually AR30xx and it's a USB chipset not a Mini PCIe chipset  
despite being on a Mini PCIe card. The 802.11 portion is a Mini PCIe chipset.  
The Mini PCIe slot has to support the USB function to use these cards. The  
USB chipset here is not free software compatible.

kobe | 29 May 14:58 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

I've the same adapter and it does the same trick.. Trisquel usually doesn't  
recognize it and when I shutdown I can read "Deblobbed - Free firmware  
missing".. but sometimes it "works".. yesterday I also connected my laptop  
with my symbian phone..

I use Trisquel 5.5 with Linux-libre 3.3.

Bus 002 Device 004: ID 03f0:311d Hewlett-Packard Atheros AR9285 Malbec  
Bluetooth Adapter

chris | 30 May 07:45 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

The Atheros bluetooth chipset needs a non-free blob. It won't work without  
it. I can conceive of a few explanations for why it may have worked in  
Trisquel. For example it might be if you have booted up another distribution  
or operating system with the non-free firmware that distribution has loaded  
it already. If you reboot it may stay on the chip. If you shut down and then  
start up the system Trisquel won't be able to utilise it. The AR9285 chipset  
(wireless portion) holds the firmware on the chip and no firmware loading is  

We sell USB bluetooth cards to resolve this problem. There is a CSR chipset  
that is compatible with Trisquel and other free software distributions. Not  
all USB adapters with this chipset work though. I'm not 100% certain why.  
This is the case even where the IDs match exactly.

kobe | 1 Jun 13:37 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

I've only Trisquel on my ssd, but shortly before I had tried Mint in live..  
you could be right.. :)

niyaschirayakuth | 29 May 17:05 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

Do anybody have solution?

chris | 30 May 07:52 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

If Atheros legal goes ahead and approves a request to release the firmware's  
source code for a newer Atheros wireless N chipset we will probably try and  
get them to do the same for this chipset. No idea what the time frame would  
be. My best guess is 6-12 months. 

mikko.viinamaki | 29 May 19:46 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

One solution is to wait and hope.

Another is

chris | 1 Jun 18:11 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

One other thing. There are some reports on the web that there is a free  
software compatible mini pcie chip. It is atheros wireless with atheros  
bluetooth. This is not correct.

It appears a few people have made the mistake of believing they were  
installing a free solution from a driver when only the driver portion was  
free. The firmware portion was not. And/or in other cases they may have not  
tested the bluetooth portion and assumed it was also free. And lastly the one  
mentioned above may also have occurred in a case or two where a non-free  
operating system loaded non-free firmware to the chip and after a reboot no  
firmware in Trisquel needed to be loaded for Trisquel to use the card. In any  
case there isn't a solution to the problem yet...

sachinsdeyd | 3 Jun 11:07 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

I use a micro bluetooth adapter similar to
  i was worried that libre kernel may not run it but everything is good.
I am also able to use my phone as modem via bluetooth when needed!
After running "lsusb" command i found out it showed
Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)

chris | 3 Jun 22:03 2012

Re: Bluetooth adapter not found

Yea- you definitely want a CSR chipset. Some of the CSR chips don't seem to  
work even though the IDs will be identical between chips. There must be  
slightly different versions of the same chipset being used. Even by the same