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Re: support for URU 4500 reader?

Has anybody used the Eikon Reader from Upek? That still seems to be highlighted on Upek web. Since I am looking for standalone device, perhaps one thing to know is what Touchstrip Sensor is supported by fprint. The latest ones in market might be totally newer Sensors

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That adds confidence – thanks!. I am hopeful that the device isn’t too old to procure from distributors..?




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I use URU 4000 perfectly with lfprint.


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Sounds like I really need to get on with USB protocol and extract from the analyzer results. Is reverse engineering actually legal?

When I downloaded the Linux package, they seem to give the driver source code, but I don't find the user examples. I also don't find a documentation that explains the way to communicate - for the USB host. Perhaps, unless I pay I would never get that from Vendor, even if its Linux?

Two questions:

- Do people still use URU 4000? Perhaps I should try to get one (not sure if it's still available with distributors, because Digitalpersona says its phased out)?

- What is the most relevant (in market, on availability) device that has the fprint driver available ported?

I contacted Atmel, they say that they discontinued product line long back. Upek is being taken over by Authentec and Digitalpersona lists only one device.
Uhhmmm pretty confuse what to order...

BTW, the website doesn't open.

Thanks for any insights.


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