Zhang, Sonic | 16 Dec 10:51 2011

[Announcement] The 2011R1 Linux development platform for Blackfin is released today.

                                                      2011R1 Linux development platform release for Blackfin



The 2011R1 Linux development platform for Blackfin is released today. This release includes 2011R1-RC3 Linux distribution, 2011R1-RC4 GNU toolchain and 2011R1-RC5 uboot. The executable images, source code and testing results are now open for download on the blackfin.uclinux.org web server.



High lights in this release:


  - Toolchain stays with 4.3. Bin utility updates to 2.21. newlib to 1.9.0.

  - Das u-boot updates to 2011.09. Linux kernel to 3.0.8.

  - Das u-boot POST hardware testing suites are enabled.

  - ADV7183b video-in driver and VS6624 camera driver are converted to kernel V4L2 framework.

  - ad1938/ad1836/ssm2603/ad73311/adau1361 ASOC drivers update to new ASOC framework in kernel 3.0.

  - USB video camera driver for NOMMU architecture update to 3.0 kernel.

  - Inter core communication protocol 1.0 and MCAPI 2.0 library are implemented in Linux on BF561 core A and in bare metal stub on BF561 core B. Sample MCAPI tasks and applications are included in the Linux distribution.

  - Busybox updates to 1.18.4.

  - ALSA library and utility update to 1.0.24.



For more details of new features and changes, please read the release notes at






Find 2011R1-RC3 Linux distribution source code, bootable images and test results at



Find 2011R1-RC4 toolchain binaries, source code and test results at



Find 2011R1-RC5 uboot source code, bootable images and test results at




Any questions, please send email to respective mailing list or the Analog Devices EngineerZone Communities.


Linux and application issues:




Toolchain and debugging tool issues:




Das u-boot issues:






You can also check out the source code.

svn co http://blackfin.uclinux.org/svn/toolchain/tags/2011R1-RC4 toolchain


svn co http://blackfin.uclinux.org/svn/uclinux-dist/tags/2011R1-RC3 uClinux-dist


git clone git://sources.blackfin.uclinux.org/git/linux-kernel

git checkout 2011R1-RC3


git clone git://sources.blackfin.uclinux.org/git/u-boot

git checkout 2011R1-RC5




We appreciate your bug report.


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Sonic Zhang



Engineering Manager

Open Platform Solution Team Shanghai

Analog Devices (Shanghai) Inc.


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