Torsten Hilbrich | 13 Apr 09:04 2011

[futex] Regression in 2.6.38 regarding FLAGS_HAS_TIMEOUT


I noticed that the behaviour of FUTEX_WAIT changed between 2.6.37 and
2.6.38. The error was initially found in a java program where a
Thread.sleep never returned after resuming from a suspend to ram.
Thread.sleep is implemented using pthread_cond_timedwait which itself
uses futex with the op FUTEX_WAIT.

The error can also be triggered with a simple test program (attached as
test-futex.c) which calls FUTEX_WAIT with a timeout of 200ms in a loop.
While running the test program the machine is suspended using "echo mem
> /sys/power/state".

After resume the futex syscall never returns. The return can be provoked
by sending the process a combination of SIGSTOP and SIGCONT.

The bug didn't occur in 2.6.37.

I found this bug report

which describes a related problem and presented a patch. This patch
(adding the FLAGS_HAS_TIMEOUT in futex_wait to the restart_block) fixes
the problem for my initial java problem and the test program.

I found the following pull request which probably introduced the

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