Bill Mullen | 8 Jan 01:54 2004

Re: AVI to VCD

On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, John Aldrich wrote:

> On Wednesday 07 January 2004 02:11 pm, JoeHill wrote:
> > > Installed from FreshRPMs RPM. I also installed a Codec pack from the
> > > MPlayer website.
> >
> > FreshRPM's are *not* really recommended for installing on Mandrake. I
> > would suggest uninstalling the whole whack, configuring your PLF
> > source here:
> Well, I'm not exactly using Mandrake at this point. Seriously thinking
> about switching to it from RH 9, since RH isn't going to be putting out
> any more "consumer" versions (although the Fedora project sounds like
> it's going to pretty much be the "pro/sumer" version of RedHat! <G>)

Actually, Fedora sounds to me to be a rough parallel to Mandrake's Cooker, 
the perpetual-work-in-progress distro that becomes the next final release 
of Mandrake every six months or so.

It seems that you've found an excellent reason to make the switch, as the 
PLF collection of, um, "packages with a few sticky licensing issues" can 
really round out the distro as a whole when it comes to anything involving 
things like working with MP3s, playing commercial DVDs, and so forth. As 
has been said, PLF's mplayer version - along with the "win32-codecs" and 
"real-codecs" PLF RPMs - will play pretty much anything.


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