Robyn Bergeron | 17 May 20:55 2012

[Test-Announce] F17 GA to slip by one week.

At the Go/No-Go meeting today, it was decided to slip the GA of Fedora 
17 by one week[1]. There are currently 4 remaining release blockers[2], 
necessitating the creation of RC2. Minutes follow below.

GA for F17 is now scheduled for 2012-05-29.  Adjustments to the 
schedule[3] and wiki will be completed later today.

We will be meeting again next Thursday, 2012-05-24, for another Go/No-Go 

Thanks for your patience!





#fedora-meeting-1: F17 Final Go No Go Meeting

Meeting started by rbergeron at 17:03:17 UTC. The full logs are
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