debeus | 18 Mar 22:59 2012

ARMEDSlack on the ix2-200

Hello fellow ARMEDSlackers,

I've been installing on the ix2-200 Cloud Edition, a low cost NAS with
two SATA drives, a wired gigabit ethernet port and a few usb ports.

Everything's working but the LEDs, the buttons and a little odd problem
with the RAID setup.  See below for details.

First thing I did was plug in a serial/TTL ftdi cable to access the
serial console.  The instructions/pin-outs can be found on

but are 
Pin 1 	VCC (3.3V)
Pin 2 	TxD
Pin 3 	GND
Pin 4 	RxD 

Pretty much you can follow directions for the Marvell kirkwood series; I
also found this:
tremendously helpful.  There's a patch for controlling the LEDs and
buttons, which successfully applies to 3.2.6 (-current). I've compiled
it, but haven't run it yet because I'm trying to figure out my RAID
problem first.

Installation in a nutshell: (nearly identical to the above source and
the ARMEDSlackware Marvell-kirkwood instructions)

For the ix2-200 systems:
Marvell>>   setenv arcNumber 1682
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