David Madden | 11 Apr 04:53 2012

WiFi on GuruPlug (Standard)

FYI, I was able to get a vanilla 3.3.1 kernel compiled and running on 
the GuruPlug Standard.  The mwifiex driver supports the sd8787 wifi 
chipset, but only (as far as I can tell) in client mode.  The hardest 
part was finding a copy of the Marvell firmware: 
/lib/firmware/mrvl/sd8787_uapsta.bin.  Other hints: I think the driver 
has to be compiled as a module so that the SDIO driver boots up first, 
then the mwifiex driver can talk to the wireless chipset.

Does anybody know whether AP mode can be achieved (except with the older 
Marvell kernel & driver)?

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