Davide | 14 Apr 15:23 2011

Some things I worked on that could be handy

Look at the README.txt that comes with my work for hints on configuring the featutes. Since no attachments
are possible on this list all files are avalible on rapidshare (password for zip file is armedslack!):

I've included the leds script in the 3G.tgz because some of my scripts use it to show that something is happening.

Activating 3G internet connection upon usb 3G dongle plugin.
This allows you to preconfigure all your 3G connections so that when you plug in a 3G modem dongle the correct
ppp connection is initiated.
I've an example of an on demand connection ti "wind Italy" operater setup.
You may like to look at the README.txt and in /etc/ppp/peers/22288 for more info on this. This will work only
if your 3G modem dongle is supported under linux and has the correct modeswitch stuff in place.

Activating wifi dongles upon wifi dongle plugin {even in AP (Master) mode}.
Here not much was changed for the normal wifi clinet setup (just worked around a problem) but the Master mode
was added from scratch. I'll include in the tarball hostapd which is not packaged in slackware (but since I
do niot have the sources with me right now I might forget something). Things have been taught in a way that
will let you have different AP setups each bound to a specific hardware (mac address in the
discriminator). You might like to see the README.txt for more details and the example setup in
/etc/hostapd/wlan0* and dsnmasq.conf

Automounting usb drives.
This only works for normal partitions not lvm'd and only for filesystems that get auto recognized by kernel
(ext? and dos/vfat work fine, I've tested personally). Things will be mounted somewhere in /media
depending on vendor and partition.