Darren Austin | 1 Jun 11:07 2011

Slackware64 13.37 EC2/AWS AMI

Hi all,
  As part of my new job we've been rolling out Slackware based AMIs into 
Amazon EC2 for our servers.  As a result, i've made some effort to produce a 
couple of "public" AMIs of Slackware64 13.37, in case anyone was interested 
in running them on EC2.

There are currently two AMIs in different regions:
  us-east-1:	ami-74eb121d

  eu-west-1:	ami-eaae989e

These AMIs are Slackware64 13.37, (mostly) full install of package sets: a 
ap d e l n tcl y.  A few packages have been left out since they are useless 
on EC2 (lilo for example), but on the whole it should be a near complete 
"server" type install of Slackware.

I've compiled a Xen kernel for the AMI - it's the same version as the one 
from 13.37, but i've modularised all stuff which is not directly required to 
get the imstance up and running.  The boot uses Amazon's PVGrub set up, so 
the kernel can be updated within the image or the boot params changed.  
PVGrub accesses /boot/grub/menu.lst in the image to get the kernel and 
params to boot with, so you should look there if you want to update things.

Let me know if there are any problems, requests, issues etc or if you want 
some more into about using the AMIs.

Hope some of you find them useful :)

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