Rich Shepard | 4 Sep 23:02 2011

Monitor Hardware Question

    I switched monitors to a new Acer S201HL (20" wide, but supports DVI-D)
after shutting down the system, then I rebooted. The problems I saw trying
to connect the new monitor without rebooting have gone away but now the
monitor won't allow me to select its default, native, maximum resolution of
1600x900 (it's 20" wide; the 19" winde monitors automatically configured to

    The display defaults to 1280x720 and won't let me set the highest
available: 1280x800. The refresh rate is set at 60Hz and there are no
other options.

   There no longer is an xorg.conf so I'm totally lost on how to change the
resolution to 1600x900 rather than the size of the old PC-1 with its 640x480
resolution and huge letters and numbers.

Suggestions, please,

Rich Shepard | 5 Sep 02:21 2011

Re: Monitor Hardware Question [FIXED]

On Sun, 4 Sep 2011, Rich Shepard wrote:

> Suggestions, please,

   Fixed it. For some reason, /etc/X11/xorg.conf was still present. I killed
the X server, renamed the file to XXxorg.conf, and restarted X. Now the
system is at 1600x900.