David L. Parsley | 16 Sep 18:59 2004

New version 1.2 of tmtools

These are the scripts I use for building and managing rpms & src.rpms
for Tao Linux.

They still kinda suck, just not as bad now. ;-) (and of course, mainly,
they Work For Me(tm))  The tarball is still hard-coded for installation
in /usr/local, but was made a little more flexible in repo organization.

In brief:
tmnewrepo <dir> yum|build|dist
  create a tmtools compatible repository directory structure
tmbuild (-n e-mail addy)
  run w/in a build repo, starts a build of all src.rpms in
  queue directory.  Customized (hard-coded) for i386; builds
  i386/i586/i686/athlon as appropriate for kernel, glibc,
  etc. -n to send notify when done.
tmrpm / tmrpmbuild
  wrappers to run rpm & rpmbuild using current repo as topdir
  run w/in any repo, creates the srpmmap/*smap files that
  indicate which rpms where built by which src.rpms.
  pre-requisite to using the tools listed below.
tmmove x.smap ... /dest/repo
  move entire sets of rpms & src.rpms between repo
tmcopy x.smap ... /dest/repo
tmdelete x.smap ...
tmverifyrpms /path/to/ref/rpms
  Used to compare rpms built to a set of reference rpms; see
  the script for what is actually checked/compared.  Appends
  results to lines in smap file.
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